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...What if you could see from above and from ground at the same time?

...What if you could simultaneously combine Terrestrial Mobile Mapping (TMM) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for mapping?


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(mapKITE is protected by the Spanish patent, no. ES239454, and US patent, no. 14/417,435)


mapKITE: Total 3D mapping - Simultaneous aerial and terrestrial from GeoNumerics on Vimeo.


mapKITE: Presenting a new mapping paradigm to the world. from GeoNumerics on Vimeo.


A simple concept and operation:

  • a tandem UAS-TMM for simultaneous aerial-terrestrial geodata acquisition (read more)

State-of-the-art science and technology:

  • unmanned aircraft, mobile mapping, EGNOS, Galileo (read more)

A fundamental application and market:

  • geo-information as a pillar of modern societies and smart cities (read more)