Confirmed: mapKITE will participate in the European Space Expo in Milan!

Continuing with the dissemination activities around the world, mapKITE will now participate in a major event taking place within the Milan 2015 Universal Exposition. The European Space Expo, to be held from September, 18th to October, 4th, will be set at the public gardens Indro Montanelli in Milan and will count with a mapKITE booth, in which UAVision and GeoNumerics will present the Spyro UAV and provide information about the project. Two talks about mapKITE will be held on Saturday, 19th and Sunday, 20th at 6pm and 4pm, respectively. More information of the event in here!

See you at Milan!




The European Commission, with the strong collaboration and support of the GSA, launched the European Space Expo in 2012. This popular, interactive and free exhibition illustrates the many services and applications that come from the European flagship space programmes in the domains of satellite navigation (Galileo and EGNOS) and Earth observation (Copernicus).

The Expo shows how space and its limitless applications provide a wide range of benefits in many aspects of life to Europe’s citizens and highlights the critical role of the European Union in space and space-based technologies. These applications and services are creating global market opportunities and are helping to support job creation and economic growth.

2015 is the fourth year of the highly successful road show of the European Space Expo, which has already visited cities from London to Larnaca and Rome to Riga. It continues to educate, enlighten and entertain visitors of all ages and from all walks of life who come to the Expo to see, touch and experience the rainbow of innovative space-powered applications and services that EU investment in space offers today and will provide in the near future.