The concept: novelty & operation

The mapKITE terrestrial-aerial tandem [photogrammetric and remote sensing] surveying can be a game-changing technology because of its operational simplicity, cost savings and advantages. Among the savings we note the elimination of dual campaigns, one terrestrial and one aerial, and the practical elimination of the expensive traditional Ground Control Points (GCPs) thanks to the novel introduction of the Kinematic GCPs. Among the advantages, we note that a mobile Ground Control Station significantly changes the logistics of UAS mapping since missions over long distances are feasible with mapKITE, a big change in the way of operating UAS for mapping.

Our vision is that mapKITE may be the next mapping paradigm after the aircraft, satellite, terrestrial mobile mapping and UAS mapping ones.

Our ambition is to bring mapKITE into practice and to worldwide spread a new mapping paradigm for the benefit of the geomatics technology, the geoinformation service providers and the geoinformation users communities.

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